Do you remember the decisions that changed your life? This woman’s rings remind her

Nicole Brown, executive director of OGA, a medical practice serving women, has a set of 13 rings looped together, each representing something.

wrote a while ago about a ring I wear that helps me remember to maintain equilibrium in my life. I’ve got several rings like that — ones that remind me to focus on something at a certain stage in life. So I look at my fingers more than most people might.

A friend of mine also wears a ring to remind her of something. Nicole Brown, executive director of OGA, a medical practice in Eagle, Meridian and Nampa serving women, has many other rings but continues to return to her favorite. That ring reminds her that one decision led to many more and, together, they’ve made her life so much fuller.

The ring is really a set of 13 slim silver rings looped together. For Brown, the linked rings represent connections and opportunities that emerged because of a single decision: to pursue an advanced degree. That decision led to many others, and the collection has enhanced her professional life. Brown calls the decisions “a series of concentric circles that are somewhat separate and undeniably linked.” The ring symbolizes them.

If she hadn’t made the decision to pursue the degree, she would not have met the executive coach who helped her re-evaluate her professional situation.

If she hadn’t re-evaluated, she would not have been open to a new job opportunity.

If she hadn’t been in the advanced-degree program, she would not have reached a point where she had the confidence to accept the job.

If she hadn’t taken the job, she would not have had the opportunity to:

▪ Re-shape a growing company.

▪ Work with a local business that would later win awards for a campaign to rebrand her organization.

▪ Be invited to talk to students about business leadership.

▪ Become a board member for an alumni chapter for the university where she got her degree.

▪ Be the president-elect of her professional association in Idaho.

Each decision was separate, yet together they make a beautiful and integrated life.

A hefty role for a ring to play.

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