Where Jail Has No Bars

At one Idaho correctional facility, guards love coming to work, inmates are encouraged to succeed, and the result is a jail that looks nothing like the ones on TV. “Six months after I became sheriff, the most dangerous inmate in the jail escaped and was gone for 10 days,” says former Sheriff Gary Raney. “It… Read more Where Jail Has No Bars

How to Get Unstuck

Do you ever get stumped solving a problem, generating an idea or writing something new? It feels like a wall stands just in front of you and you can’t find a way around, over or through. So how can you get past feeling like you’re not making progress? Here are five tips. Add your own… Read more How to Get Unstuck

Need a Break? Think Slow TV

I recently spent time with some friends from Norway. During our conversations, someone brought up “slow TV” and how much Norwegians enjoy it. Huh? Turns out, the Norwegian national television channel, for which there is no equivalent in the US, began an ongoing project several years ago that has become a national favorite.  In 2009,… Read more Need a Break? Think Slow TV

Forming Your Pack

“My Name is Name.” Our guide for a Botswana safari trip has a long name (Nametsegang), which is a tad unpronounceable for most clients, so he shortened it to a catchy one that English speakers can remember.  Right from the get go, you smile and are right with him. And that’s part of what he’s… Read more Forming Your Pack

The Myth of Multitasking

Think you’re good at doing several things at once? Reading and listening to music? Driving and talking on the phone (hands free, of course), or texting while sitting in a meeting? Think again. Much recent neuroscience research tells us that the brain doesn’t really do tasks simultaneously, as we thought (hoped) it might. In fact, we just… Read more The Myth of Multitasking