LIVEculture: Many leaders undervalue the power of culture as a competitive advantage. Don’t make that mistake. LIVEculture offers tips from successful creative leaders on how they shaped, communicated, and grew the cultures they wanted for their organizations. Their stories of how they use culture to boost performance are inspiring, sometimes funny, and immediately useful. Learn the secrets of a Gang of creative leaders who continuously do things differently to get better, and happen to beat their competition along the way. (Learn more here!)

Wise Beyond Your Field: Do you want to boost your organization’s performance? Out perform your peers? It may be as simple as looking outside your own field. Wise Beyond Your Field shows how creative leaders use ideas from far beyond their own fields to do things differently and out perform their peers. The book reveals secrets and examples from leaders who compete with the best and soar beyond the pack. They come from sports, law enforcement, high tech, the arts, and more. The best part: you’ll have fun in the process. (Learn more here!)

What we See, Why we Worry, Why we Hope: Vietnam Going Forward explores key factors that affect Vietnam’s ability to move forward as a global economic player. While we see challenges we see many reasons for hope, including a new generation of leaders. (Learn more here!)




The Creative Discipline: Why are some organizations more creative than others? What sets innovative, high-performing organizations apart? Can creativity and innovation be learned and enhanced? The answer to the last question, say creativity experts Nancy Napier and Mikael Nilsson, is a resounding yes. And with general consensus that creativity and innovation drive business growth, fostering creativity couldn’t be more important. (Learn more here!)


Insight: Encouraging Aha! Moments for Organizational Success helps individuals and organizations create the conditions that lay the groundwork for the distinct “Aha!” instances of insight—when connections between different pieces of information are revealed and ideas come together in ways that have never existed before. (Learn more here!)